Solid State Chemistry And Its Applications

Solid State Chemistry And Its Applications by Anthony R West epub pdf fb2

Title: Solid State Chemistry And Its Applications
Author: Anthony R West
ISBN10: 8126511079
ISBN13: 978-8126511075
Publisher: WIPL; 1 edition (2007)
Language: English
Subcategory: Chemistry
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Solid State Chemistry And Its Applications by Anthony R West

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This book offers information on a non-mathematical, unified treatment of solid state chemistry. It also describes synthetic methods, x-ray diffraction, principles of inorganic crystal structures, crystal chemistry and bonding in solids; phase diagrams of 1, 2 and 3 component systems; the electrical, magnetic, and optical properties of solids; three groups of industrially important inorganic solids--glass, cement, and refractories; and certain aspects of organic solid state chemistry, including the ``organic metal'' of new materials. · what is solid state chemistry? · preparative methods · characterization of inorganic solids: application of physical techniques · thermal analysis · x-ray diffraction · point groups, space groups and crystal structure · descriptive crystal chemistry · some factors which influence crystal structure · crystal defects and non-stoichiometry · solid solutions · interpretation of phase diagrams · phase transitions · ionic conductivity and solid electrolytes · electronic properties and band theory: metals, semiconductors, inorganic solids, colour · other electrical properties · magnetic properties · optical properties: luminescence, lasers · glass · cement and concrete · refractories · organic solid state chemistry