How To Achieve Worldwide Prosperity and Peace

How To Achieve Worldwide Prosperity and Peace by Santosh, Verma C. epub pdf fb2

Title: How To Achieve Worldwide Prosperity and Peace
Author: Santosh, Verma C.
ISBN10: 141348767X
ISBN13: 978-1413487671
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation (December 10, 2004)
Language: English
Subcategory: Success
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Rating: 3.5/5
Votes: 517
Pages: 396 pages
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How To Achieve Worldwide Prosperity and Peace by Santosh, Verma C.

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Our world is in turmoil. Human race is headed towards self destruction. United Nations and world governments cannot achieve world peace. This several award winning book is the only book that truly addresses the profound challenges and terrifying global issues of 21st Century facing mankind like population explosion to 9 billion by 2050, terrorism, food shortages, poverty, dwindling natural resources, nuclear proliferation and social unrest, etc. USA, Europe and UN have no solution for world peace. In fact we are headed towards World War III. About 30-million people died in World War I, and 60 million died in World War II and dropped two atom bombs on Japan-massive horrifying destruction and human tragedy. UN was established to achieve world peace. Has UN achieved peace? The answer is NO. People are yearning for peace. This book provides the solutions for achieving world peace. This book is original, unique, creative and a pioneering work. According to the distinguished and eminent President of World Religions Association and author of over 27 books, this book is a must in every house of the world to guide the entire humanity to tread on the right path of Peace and Prosperity. Mr. Verma deserves Nobel Peace Prize.