129 More Seminar Speaking Success Tips

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Title: 129 More Seminar Speaking Success Tips
Author: David R. Portney
ISBN10: 0967851483
ISBN13: 978-0967851488
Publisher: Kallisti Pub (January 15, 2009)
Language: English
Subcategory: Marketing & Sales
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Rating: 4.0/5
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Pages: 152 pages
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129 More Seminar Speaking Success Tips by David R. Portney

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Some time ago I coined the term seminar speaking success as a simple yet broad way of talking about doing public speaking, seminars, workshops, client appreciation events any kind of group event. If there are people gathered and you or someone else is speaking to that group, then that falls under the category of my term seminar speaking .

Why do I add the word success to the end of that phrase? It's because the reality is that public speaking, seminars, and group events of all kinds are proving themselves to be one of the very few remaining viable and cost-effective ways to promote your business, product, service, cause, or issue.

In short, if you want to get your message in front of people inexpensively and effectively, your choices are shrinking quickly.

Hence, this book you're reading right now. And just in case you haven't noticed, the title of this book is 129 More Seminar Speaking Success Tips because this is the follow up to my previous book 129 Seminar Speaking Success Tips. Taken together, these two books comprise 258 hard-hitting tips and techniques you can use right away to build relationships with prospects and potential customers and clients using the most powerful method remaining to date: public speaking and seminars.

In 129 More Seminar Speaking Success Tips, you will find . . .

tips that will motivate you to action life-saving tips that will help you conquer stage fright and overcome fear of public speaking tips that will allow you to organize your own seminars with ease tips that will allow you to prevent your seminar from becoming a chaotic disaster terrific marketing tips tips on how to get the butts in the seats tips on how to be a master of the stage tips on how to avoid deadly mistakes

And much, much more...