The Shepherd Kings (Epona)

The Shepherd Kings (Epona) by Judith Tarr epub pdf fb2

Title: The Shepherd Kings (Epona)
Author: Judith Tarr
ISBN10: 0312874227
ISBN13: 978-0312874223
Publisher: Forge Books (December 14, 2001)
Language: English
Subcategory: Genre Fiction
Size PDF: 1730 kb
Size Fb2: 1430 kb
Rating: 4.8/5
Votes: 423
Pages: 512 pages
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The Shepherd Kings (Epona) by Judith Tarr

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The Kingdom of Lower Egypt has been occupied for a hundred years by the Shepherd Kings, the Hyksos, conquerors from the East who came with horses and dreadful war chariots to crush the foot soldiers of Pharoah. All of Lower Egypt is occupied by foreign lords, including the ancient household of The Sun Ascendant, where a young woman named Iry was once the lady of the holding and is now a slave. But there is a change in the wind-the holding has passed to the son of a woman of a Far-Eastern tribe, a Priestess of Horse Goddess, and with him comes the living incarnation of the Goddess, the White Mare. The Mare has driven her people to Egypt in the wake of the foreign kings and, to the horror of the invaders, chooses Iry to be her Servant and Chief Priestess.And now the Pharoah Ahmose, who still rules the Upper Kingdom, will move to take back the Lower Kingdom by making a two-fold alliance: with the seafaring empire of Crete, and with Horse Goddess herself.