Conservatism in America since 1930: A Reader

Conservatism in America since 1930: A Reader by Gregory L. Schneider epub pdf fb2

Title: Conservatism in America since 1930: A Reader
Author: Gregory L. Schneider
ISBN10: 0814797989
ISBN13: 978-0814797983
Publisher: New York University Press; 2nd edition (June 1, 2003)
Language: English
Subcategory: Politics & Government
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Pages: 452 pages
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Conservatism in America since 1930: A Reader by Gregory L. Schneider

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While there have long been libertarians, agrarians, individualists, collectivists, nationalists, and others who fit the contemporary label of “conservative,” no cohesive conservative movement existed prior to World War II. How, then, did conservatism develop into such a powerful American political force?

Tracing the history of conservatism from the concerns and ideas of the Old Right, through the Cold War, the “Gingrich revolution,” and into the present, Conservatism in America Since 1930 gathers a wide range of conservative writings and documents showcasing the development and protean character of the modern conservative intellectual and political movement.

The book includes essays from Russell Kirk, Milton Friedman, F.A. Hayek, William F. Buckley, Jr., Ronald Reagan, and Pat Buchanan, among others, and highlights key debates between the movement’s factions. Along with essays by these canonical conservative figures, the volume also contains excerpts from sources less frequently cited, such as the Twelve Southerners and Seward Collins, as well as documents from conservative organizations and journals. The primary documents are supplemented by introductions which set the historical context and offer illuminating commentary on how conservatism shifted identity over the course of modern American history.