There's Only One Oscar Poole

There's Only One Oscar Poole by Oscar Poole epub pdf fb2

Title: There's Only One Oscar Poole
Author: Oscar Poole
ISBN10: 0971316651
ISBN13: 978-0971316652
Publisher: TGS Publishing; 1st edition (October 5, 2009)
Language: English
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Rating: 4.8/5
Votes: 264
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There's Only One Oscar Poole by Oscar Poole

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Entrepreneur Statesman Theologian Philosopher Taking Pork Back to Washington for 13 Years This book is written about me, by me! Why? Because I know me better than anyone else! I have lived with myself for 79 years - having lived through 13 presidents, five wars, four recessions. I could have sought a more professional writer, but decided the content of my life was more important and besides, I am a little professional myself! Why this book? Because my life has been so strangely beautiful - nothing short of a living romance, I decided I should do this for my posterity … that when I am gone, I'll still be around, through my books, musical CDs and a continuing family business (a legend and landmark in Georgia). My earlier books were written to record some of my core beliefs, which, when written I knew would not be read until my passing. Especially I think this is true within my own family! (I believe this may be true in most cases, so this thought alone gives some comfort and saves me from a feeling of rejection!) A spiritual journey My life has been a spiritual journey, that is, a journey of spirit. It has not been easy. I believe most of my experiences have been normal - although I perceive myself as nothing normal! Abnormal? Let the reader decide! Unique, at the least. I do think the reader will be amused and impressed at the variety of experiences my life poses. This is a developing story. Change has been about the only constant. Why this? Because over the years I have developed a "theology for change!" I see clearly that change is a vital part of living, and it is something to be accepted. It has not been easy for me to grow out of the old and into the new, but it has been the most rewarding, though often challenging! I see change as a freeing experience. Yes, my life has been on the go, from the word "go," and it is still going! To where, you may ask! I am 79 years of age and it seems I am only getting started! This keeps me abreast with the changes all around me. It keeps me challenged, excited and often wondering what's next! Yes, life for me continues to be adventuresome. I find myself eager to face the next phase! Who wants to go with me?!