Lee and the Consul Mutants

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Title: Lee and the Consul Mutants
Author: Keith A. Charters
ISBN10: 190323882X
ISBN13: 978-1903238820
Publisher: Vital Spark (October 4, 2004)
Language: English
Subcategory: Action & Adventure
Size PDF: 1537 kb
Size Fb2: 1673 kb
Rating: 4.7/5
Votes: 478
Pages: 160 pages
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Lee and the Consul Mutants by Keith A. Charters

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Ten-year-old Lee is just a shy, ordinary boy having a bad day - until he feels a pain in his tummy that gets worse and worse and worse...It's not everyday that a part of your body you've never even heard of decides to explode, but that's exactly what Lee's appendix does, landing him in hospital. While the hospital stay isn't that bad at first - he gets to miss school after all - Lee then discovers that the Consul Mutants, alien invaders, have taken over the hospital and are controlling the patients' minds in order to take over the world. Other kids might quake in their boots at this news, but not Lee. Confined to his bed, Lee befriends three fellow patients and forms a team determined to thwart the aliens' invasion with a cunning plan to save the world. Will Lee defeat the evil Consul Mutants and become an alien-conquering superhero? Will his new friends in hospital really believe him? And even if they do, will they help him in his quest to save the planet? Or is that all too much to expect from a kid the world has, until now, completely ignored? Lee and the Consul Mutants is the story of a fearless boy battling against intergalactic odds for the sake of mankind. Lee's only weapon is his intelligence...which is a pity.